Commitment To The Customer


“When I first told my friends and family that I was in contract to build a new home, everyone had a nightmare story to share about how difficult it was to work with builders. When I started working with Pat, I was really impressed right off the bat. He was very organized, he gave me a timeline of exactly what was going to be done and when. Every deadline was met with no problem. When he asked me my budget for each stage, he always respected that budget and made sure it was kept. Pat was meticulous, he cares about the homes he builds, takes pride in his work and paid attention to every detail. Thanks to Pat, our family really got to enjoy the process of watching our home being built and 5 years later, we still love our home and feel very fortunate to have had such a positive experience.”

— CC

“I have been working with Pat for over twenty years as an architect. He has always been honest, reliable and has a strong work ethic. Pat has always completed all of the projects I have been involved with to the customers’ highest satisfaction. Pat is a hands on builder who has the ability to schedule sub contractors and deliveries of materials as well as swing a hammer. He surrounds himself with excellent tradesmen who complete the job in a professional manner. He has the experience to take on any size project large or small, simple or complex.”

— VC

“Builders only enter your life once or twice. You allow them in because someone tells you about a good experience they’ve had or you happen to see a house under construction and you spot, first hand, how that builder insists on putting quality into every stud that gets nailed and the number of finishing nails used to hold down the molding. It’s easy to see his high standards when you consider how you would like your house built. Pat Glennon has grown up in Northport and his reputation as a great builder is easy to trace in the 30+ homes he has built on some of the most desirable properties in the area. He is the name the locals throw around when someone asks about a builder. As for my home, Pat has worked on several projects in the more than 40 years I have lived in my house. He is a builder who can solve problems, visualize your ideas and then build them.”

— JB

“Smart, efficient, focused and a brilliant problem solver. Pat stepped in to manage and finish the construction on our new 9,000 sq foot home, which was left in a state of disarray by the former builder. He is trustworthy, has a great team behind him and has excellent relationships with quality sub-contractors. In addition to this, he also keeps his promises when it comes to deadlines and budgets.”


“We purchased our dream home from Pat in 2001. Since then we have had him back for additional projects with exceptional results. In addition to his superior quality of work he has always brought jobs in on time and within budget. I have recommended him to family and friends with the same great outcome. I look forward to working with Pat in the future.”


“We just completed a large construction project with Pat and couldn’t be happier with the results. Pat is a hard working trustworthy builder that works hard to exceed expectations. He takes great pride in his work and stands behind his product. The subcontractors Pat works with are also top notch. We were so pleased with the job Pat and his team did, that we had a cookout for his team to celebrate the project. I would recommend to anyone considering a project.”

— DU